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Fratelli Menconi Abrasivi,
experience and professionalism.


Fratelli Menconi s.n.c produces abrasives to polish and polish marble, granite and stone. Our products are completed by mastics, waxes, crystallizers and cutting tools. We are in the third generation and after 70 years working in this sector we are always looking to the future.

Our company is able to meet demands for new materials or production problems. The quality of our product is guaranteed by the experience gained in this sector and by the incessant technological innovation and research.

The Fratelli Menconi company is based in Carrara, the homeland of white marble, and consists of two plants for a total of 8000 square meters.

Our production is divided into 4 main lines:

– 5 extra polishing

– abrasives for marble and granite

– abrasives for agglomerates and stones

– surface treatment: waxes, water repellents, crystallizers, fillers and mastics.

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