This is a tool employed in the finishing of marble and marble agglomerates. Special chemical formulas and production techniques give a range of tools that prepare the surface of worked material for final polishing. By applying the SINT and Sintex
series of abrasives in sequence a better finish can be obtained on all types of marble and marble agglomerates, with a reduction in cost per sq.m. and an increase in productivity.Fratelli Menconi produce wide range of shape of abrasives for automatic machine for slabs and tiles, for the edge and for hand machine and semi-automatic machine.

Slabs and tiles

– Segments Frankfurt
– segments cm14 “Breton”

Machine for floor

– Segments Cassani
– Segments Virgole
– Segments Cubetti
– Segments cubetti lunghi

Edge polishing machines

– polishing edge O/ 100
– polishing edge O/ 130
– polishing edge O/ 150

Hand polishing machines

– Piate o/ 250
– Piate o/ 190
– Piate o/ 150


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