5 Sint


The abrasives 5 sint is a type of polishing made with natural and synthetic resin, their principal characteristic is a long time-life.
This abrasives is ideal for polishing marble agglomerate, marble-concrete and “paladiana”.Fratelli Menconi produce wide range of shape of abrasives for automatic machine for slabs and tiles, for the edge and for hand machine and semi-automatic machine.

Slabs and tils

– Segments Frankfurt
– segments cm14 “Breton”

Machine for floor

– Segments Cassani
– Segments Virgole
– Segments Cubetti
– Segments cubetti lunghi

Edge polishing machines

– polishing edge O/ 100
– polishing edge O/ 130
– polishing edge O/ 150

Lucidatrice manuale

– Piatti o/ 250
– Piatti o/ 190
– Piatti o/ 150


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