5 Extra


Fratelli Menconi Abrasives have more then 70 years of experience in the production of abrasives 5 extra.
By applying the series of abrasives in sequence a better finish can be obtained on all types of marble and marble agglomerates, with a reduction in cost per sq.m. and an increase in productivity.

Fratelli Menconi produce wide range of shape and hardness of 5 Extra for automatic machine for slabs and tiles, for the edge, for hand machine and semi-automatic machine.

The vast range of Fratelli Menconi 5 Extra can deal with the different requirements of various finishes: from natural marbles, for slabs and tiles, to marble cement and marble resin agglomerated.

Slabs and tiles

– Segments Frankfurt
– segments cm14 “Breton”

Machine for floor

– Segments Cassani

– Segments Virgole
– Segments Cubetti
– Segments cubetti lunghi

Edge polishing machines

-polishing edge O/ 100
-polishing edge O/ 130
-polishing edge O/ 150

Hand polishing machines

-Piate o/ 350
-Piate o/ 300
-Piate o/ 250
-Piate o/ 190
-Piate o/ 150


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