FratelliMenconi Abrasivi,

experience and professionalism
They have been with us for
generations in the sector.

Fratelli Menconi Abrasivi
Offers a wide range of products for cleaning and polishing surfaces for industrial and personal use.


Ricerca Innovation e continuous testing
These are the key words of our secret formula.
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Company Info

FratelliMenconi has for generations been a security in the sector of the production of abrasive segments for sanding and polishing. Our history precedes us, and the experience gained …

Who we are

Our products

FratelliMenconi presents a wide range of products for the sanding and polishing of each surface in various formats so as to cover every single customer request with products always in step with the standards required by the market.


Why choose us

FratelliMenconi Abrasivi has been operating in the sector since 1921, offering maximum quality in the manufacture of its products. Some of our strengths

  • Research and experimentation
  • Continuous development of performing products
  • Maximum professionalism in the sector